Craik WTP News Release

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PDWA Rescindment

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Summer Outdoor Watering Restriction Schedule

Beginning Thursday June 6, we will be implementing our regular summer outdoor watering restriction schedule which will be as follows:

West side of Town (Bank side) Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays

East side of Town (Co-op side) Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays

No outdoor watering on Wednesdays. It is recommended that watering be avoided during the hottest time of the day (normally Noon to 5 p.m.)

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Mini Market in the Park

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EMO Volunteers

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Water Updates Week 10 & 11

Members from Sapphire were recently in Craik to install filter media into the 4 pressurized vessels. 16 ‘totes’ in total was installed over the course of several days. Each tote equating to approximately 1000 pounds.

Further plumbing is presently being worked on to connect the biological filters.

Additionally, some members were initiating the wiring work to connect actuated valves and flow meters.

Monday, November 19th, we will be receiving two large skids that house the nano-filtration components.

While much work remains, it is very encouraging to witness the changes that are occuring on a day to day basis.

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Water Updates Weeks 8-9

Infrastructure work is the focus right now at the water plant.

Several more transformers and electrical junction boxes have been installed. Much of the wiring tray has been installed and some cabling completed.

Further, actuated valves have been installed on the pressurized biological filter tanks and associated plumbing mostly complete.

Presently, contractors are busy starting to load the filter media into the pressurized tanks. At least 2000 kilograms have already been installed with a ‘mere’ 15000 kilograms to go.

Inside of a Pressurized tank

Laterals and Diffusers in one of the pressurized filters

We are expecting delivery of the nano-filter membranes shortly. It is a very busy water plant full of concurrent activities all overlapping as we would like them.

Valvese and Pipes

Actuated valves (red) and the associated plumbing mostly complete for the biological part of the upgrade

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Water Upgrade Weeks 5-7

The water plant is no stranger to contractors these days.

The concrete pads have been filled and cured. Four pressurized tanks have been installed. One electric motor and vertical turbine pump installed. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) have been installed and configured.

Once the second drive is installed, we will slowly ramp up water pressure to the town. The final pressure to be determined at a later date based on user feedback and existing infrastructure limitations.

The biological media has been delivered into the treatment facility and it makes the water plant feel like a very cozy place.

The installation of a third natural gas heater has been completed but is not yet being utilized. Once the new filtration system is operational, it is vital to warm the building to roughly room temperature for the biology to optimally perform.

Presently, work is ongoing with electrical systems, namely transformers, wiring, and control boxes. A new electrical service delivering 600 Volts of power to the facility to be installed by SaskPower at a later date.

Much work remains but the progress is rapid and is following schedule.

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Water Upgrade Week 4

The entirety of the remaining filters to be removed have been. Concrete work has begun.
Concrete has been removed, concrete scored, forms erected, and structural rebar installed, It’s been another busy week at the water treatment facility.
Additionally, a motor, pump, and VFD drives have been staged at the water distribution building.
The flurry of activity is certainly encouraging as we take strides towards potable water.
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First Responders Needed

Over the years there had been rumored interest in your area to have a first responder course. Right now there are no first responders between Davidson and Chamberlain.

In the past couple of years we had courses booked in Davidson but were canceled last minute because of no applications. There will be a course offered again, but it will be in Rosetown.

It is a commitment and quite a registration process requiring reference and criminal record checks , but in the rural areas, First responders play a huge role in providing initial care to patients while an ambulance is on-route.

Please click on the below links for more information (PDFs).

SHR-HHR First Responder Poster – November 2018 First

Responder Application Form – September 2018

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