Immediate Water Restrictions

Due to a combination of extreme heat, lack of precipitation, and high water usage, the water demand has far exceeded the capacity of our current treatment/distribution facilities.

Until further notice, please refrain from watering of lawns.

Watering of gardens and flower beds is still permitted under the previous watering schedule.

All measures required to restore water reserves have been undertaken by the town and your help is necessary.

You will notice heavily discolored water.

Updates will be provided when available. Thank-you for your co-operation.

Water usage tips:

  • Only water when the air temperature is not at its peak during the day.
  • Avoid watering when wind conditions exist.
  • A 6 foot by 6 foot garden requires between 20-30 gallons per week.
  • When watering, it is better to water plants longer than to water more frequently. This uses the same amount of water, but it is more effective for plant growth.
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