Water Updates Weeks 8-9

Infrastructure work is the focus right now at the water plant.

Several more transformers and electrical junction boxes have been installed. Much of the wiring tray has been installed and some cabling completed.

Further, actuated valves have been installed on the pressurized biological filter tanks and associated plumbing mostly complete.

Presently, contractors are busy starting to load the filter media into the pressurized tanks. At least 2000 kilograms have already been installed with a ‘mere’ 15000 kilograms to go.

Inside of a Pressurized tank

Laterals and Diffusers in one of the pressurized filters

We are expecting delivery of the nano-filter membranes shortly. It is a very busy water plant full of concurrent activities all overlapping as we would like them.

Valvese and Pipes

Actuated valves (red) and the associated plumbing mostly complete for the biological part of the upgrade

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