Craik Museum and Oral History Society

For a small prairie town, Craik has a large, extensive and wonderful  local museum called “The Prairie Pioneer Museum.” Located in the Northeast area of town at 541 Parks Road , the museum, which was once a prairie schoolhouse, is now full of artifacts and memorabilia of Craik from it’s very earliest days. From butter churns to furniture, tools to machinery and almost anything in between from the historic and treasured days gone by. This is a “don’t miss” stop on you journey in and around Craik. 

The museum is not open on a regular basis so you will need to call ahead to arrange your visit:

  • Pauline Dixon – (306) 734-2249
  • Joan Maier – (306) 734-2493
  • Josie Krenbrink – (306) 734-2351

A silver collection is available at your own discretion when visiting the museum.

Craik Archives and Oral History Society

The Oral History Society of Craik is a vibrant and dedicated group of local citizens who are passionate about the long and storied history of the Craik community, from it’s earliest days in the late 1800’s through the boom of the ’20’s, the drought of the ’30’s, and the renewed prosperity of ’40’s and ’50’s and beyond.

The group oversees a vast collection of interviews, photos, articles, paintings and publications pertaining to all aspects of local history, including agriculture, economic conditions, daily life, politics and government, and culture.

Their goal is the preservation of that history of Craik for the generations to follow so we are aware of the the impact the ones who came before us had on the formation of our community.

The Oral History office is located in the Old Town Hall, downtown main street Craik.

As with the Prairie Pioneer Museum, the Oral History Society Office is not open on a regular basis so you will need to arrange your visit ahead of time by calling:

  • Joan – (306) 734-2493
  • Cheryl – (306) 734-2356
  • Pat – (306) 734-2431
  • Hilda or Doug – (306) 734-2751

If you are a history buff or interested in the early days of Craik be sure to visit the Craik Oral History Society the next time you’re in Craik!

Sask Museums has an informative page on the “Craik Oral History Society.