Water Updates Weeks 8-9

Infrastructure work is the focus right now at the water plant.

Several more transformers and electrical junction boxes have been installed. Much of the wiring tray has been installed and some cabling completed.

Further, actuated valves have been installed on the pressurized biological filter tanks and associated plumbing mostly complete.

Presently, contractors are busy starting to load the filter media into the pressurized tanks. At least 2000 kilograms have already been installed with a ‘mere’ 15000 kilograms to go.

Inside of a Pressurized tank

Laterals and Diffusers in one of the pressurized filters

We are expecting delivery of the nano-filter membranes shortly. It is a very busy water plant full of concurrent activities all overlapping as we would like them.

Valvese and Pipes

Actuated valves (red) and the associated plumbing mostly complete for the biological part of the upgrade

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Water Upgrade Weeks 5-7

The water plant is no stranger to contractors these days.

The concrete pads have been filled and cured. Four pressurized tanks have been installed. One electric motor and vertical turbine pump installed. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) have been installed and configured.

Once the second drive is installed, we will slowly ramp up water pressure to the town. The final pressure to be determined at a later date based on user feedback and existing infrastructure limitations.

The biological media has been delivered into the treatment facility and it makes the water plant feel like a very cozy place.

The installation of a third natural gas heater has been completed but is not yet being utilized. Once the new filtration system is operational, it is vital to warm the building to roughly room temperature for the biology to optimally perform.

Presently, work is ongoing with electrical systems, namely transformers, wiring, and control boxes. A new electrical service delivering 600 Volts of power to the facility to be installed by SaskPower at a later date.

Much work remains but the progress is rapid and is following schedule.

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Water Upgrade Week 4

The entirety of the remaining filters to be removed have been. Concrete work has begun.
Concrete has been removed, concrete scored, forms erected, and structural rebar installed, It’s been another busy week at the water treatment facility.
Additionally, a motor, pump, and VFD drives have been staged at the water distribution building.
The flurry of activity is certainly encouraging as we take strides towards potable water.
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Water Upgrade Week 3

A LOT of activity occurred this last week.

All filters to be removed have had their old media removed via vac-truck. Half of the tanks have been removed from the facility and all associated plumbing has been removed.

Also, the intake screen upgrade has been completed.



As is readily apparent, the new screen will help keep silt and organics from entering our wet well. This, in turn, will greatly reduce the demand on our filters by providing cleaner water at the first stage.

The intake screen is also installed several feet higher than the previous one which will reduce the impact stormy weather has traditionally had on our water intake.

A directional drill was brought to the site to install a two inch air line to the new screen. The purpose of the screen is to allow air to be ‘bursted’ up through the screen to blow out any sediment that may have collected on it over time.

In total, this upgrade will have almost immediate impact on our ability to produce aesthetic water.

Cleaning of the wet well is expected to be completed on Saturday 15, 2018.

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Water Upgrade Week 2

Four pressurized vessels were received this week. In addition, two electrical motors, one natural gas, and three vertical turbine pumps came to our community.

Presently, 4 of 5 sand filters have been taken offline and are being prepped for removal.

Half of the current Mainstream system is to be taken offline September 11 in conjunction with the intake screen upgrade project happening at the Craik Dam.

At present, water reserves are in excellent shape with an additional 40 thousand gallons for fire purposes.

While the intake project continues, the community will not be drawing fresh water from the dam for up to 2 days. Service to the community will not experience any disruptions during this process.

Aside from the additional backup fire reserves, we have over three days of water capacity presently treated and no precautions are necessary for the community.

As a reminder, it is requested that the public avoid visiting areas where work is being performed.

The job sites involve heavy equipment, enclosed spaces, excavation, and other hazards. We will do our best to document progress via pictures and continual updates.

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2017 Drinking water quality and compliance report

2017 Craik -Drinking Water Quality and Compliance

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Bylaw Enforcement Announcement

Town Council has engaged the services of Commissionaires South Saskatchewan to provide bylaw enforcement in the Town of Craik. The current contract with the Commissionaires runs from June 4, 2018 until April 27, 2019.

A uniformed commissionaire will be making unannounced sporadic visits to the community and has full authority to issue fines or other authorized penalties.

The list of bylaws (copies of which will be posted to the Town of Craik website by July 9) being enforced by Commissionaires South Saskatchewan include all links are PDF files):

Bylaw 1964-02 Traffic Control
Bylaw 1968-04 Traffic Control Amendment
Bylaw 1938-03 Traffic Control Amendment
Bylaw 2015-01 Traffic Control Amendment
Bylaw 2018-10 Proposed Traffic Control Amendment when effective
Bylaw 1986-03 Fire Arms Bylaw
Bylaw 1989-04 Noise Bylaw
Bylaw 1989-06 Building Bylaw
Bylaw 2006-01 Nuisance Abatement Bylaw
Bylaw 2017-02 Nuisance Abatement Bylaw Amendment
Bylaw 2009-02 Dog and Cat Control Bylaw
Bylaw 2016-06 Fire Ban
Bylaw 2016-07 Water Restriction
Bylaw 2016-13 Snow Dumping Bylaw
Bylaw 2016-15 Access to Lagoon

Please note that Bylaw 2018-10 Traffic Control Amendment has not yet passed third reading by Town Council and therefore is not yet in effect.

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Notice of Call for Nominations

Notice of call for nominations

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Sign Corridor Updates

Spaces open for signage in the Craik Sign Corridor located on the East and West sides of Hwy 11.

Reference and forms available here.

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Utilities Update

As most citizens of Craik are aware, we have an ongoing challenge to get utility bills paid in a timely manner.

While most people are very good at ensuring they pay their bills within the thirty (30) days allotted by the bylaw, there are a significant number who do not.

The Town has taken a number of steps to make it easier for people to honour their obligation.

In addition to cash or cheque, users can now take advantage of the debit machine at the Town Office.

A monthly payment plan is available for those who find the quarterly billing challenging.

However, despite these efforts, every quarter it is usually the same individuals who are delinquent. This is not acceptable for a number reasons.

First, it is unfair to expect the majority who are faithful in honouring their obligations to have to carry those who are not.

Secondly, it takes up an unnecessary amount of staff time to have to send out letters, make phone calls, and physically turn off, and then on, water services to ensure that these bills get paid.

Therefore, Town Council is considering the following changes:

  • instituting a late payment charge of 2% interest per month on all accounts that are outstanding for 30 days or more
  • shutting off water, without notice, on any accounts that are 60 days, or more, in arrears
  • increasing the reconnect fee from $30.00 to $100.00

These changes, if approved, will not affect those who pay their bills in a timely manner.

On the other hand, these changes will provide a significant incentive for those who do not to start doing so.

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