Town of Craik

Our Town; Your Town!

Craik is a vibrant, progressive and friendly “small town” community located in the heart of the prairie grain belt in south central Saskatchewan. It was agriculture that brought settlers to the area in the early 1900’s and Craik was incorporated as a town on August 1, 1907, well over 100 years ago!

Agriculture remains the driving force to the town’s economy but other industries are contributing as well to maintain a strong economic base.
Over the past 10 years Craik has grown in population after many years of declining numbers making it an exciting place to live, work and raise a family. In 2010 alone there were 5 new housing starts, a sign that the economy is moving forward and more people are making Craik their home!

With a beautiful 9 hole golf course located on the property and the Craik Regional Park nearby, it’s become a wonderful place to spend some quality time with friends and family.

There is wealth of community business and opportunity to attract families to the community. The Craik School is vibrant and integral part of our town where our youthful students from Kindergarten to Grad 12 get set for their own journey in life. Co-op has a large presence in town with a lumber yard, a gas station and employ a number of our citizens. Craik Hardware and Plumbing, Nutrien Farm Service, Craik Bigway Foods, Royal Bank, Health Centre, Harvest Services, McRae Farm Service, and many more well-run businesses keep our town moving ahead, strong and prosperous. See our business guide section for more details on our local businesses.

An hours drive from Regina or an hour and a half from Saskatoon along Highway 11 will find you in Craik, SK. Stop in and enjoy our local hospitality. We’d love to have you!

Public Works

The town of Craik is committed to a high level of service for its residents with professionalism and courtesy while making every effort to try to meet their needs. Our town foreman, Merrill Folk, has a good understanding of the equipment and town maintenance policies and is ready to work hard for the citizens of Craik. Some of his duties include:

>grading and graveling of town streets
>repairing potholes
>snow removal and sanding
>grass cutting and trimming
>maintaining and servicing town equipment

Public Notice
For water main breaks and other town maintenance concerns, issues and/or
emergencies, especially after normal business hours, please call the water line at 639-208-7791. Thank you.

(Craik Town and R.M. Offices)