Garbage and Recycling

The Town of Craik utilizes a curb-side garbage pickup program which is served by Loraas Disposal out of Regina, SK. Each resident receives a sheaffer cart for their garbage which is picked up every second week on Tuesday. It is the responsibility of the residents to have their cart wheeled out and curb-side for the trucks to empty the cart. Have you cart out early in the morning on Tuesday’s to be sure you don’t miss the truck.

Garbage & Recycling fees are calculated quarterly at a rate of $61.89 / ratepayer, effective April 1/2016.

This includes “2” sheaffer carts, 1 for garbage and 1 for recycling materials.

Please be careful as to not over-fill the cart as anything that falls out is you own responsibility to clean up. As well, be aware that the sheaffer carts are not designed to hold things like cement, rocks, dirt or any other materials that are dense and heavy. Please dispose of these by other methods.

Large Garbage Item Disposal

There is a large Loraas bin available to residents for their large item disposal at the rate of $94.50 (including tax) per week. The bin is located in the fenced area near the town maintenance shop but is kept locked for safety reasons. If you’d like to dispose of larger items you’ll have to contact the town office so it can be opened up. There is a fee for this service that is not included in the regular garbage rate that you will have to pay. It varies depending on the size of your item(s) or per load.

Curb-side Recycling

This program allows residents to easily dispose of their recyclable materials, right at their own home. They are picked up the opposite week of garbage on Thursdays.
It’s all about keeping our community and our environment clean and safe, for us and the generations to follow!

The Town of Craik will be implementing an extra waste pick up program on every Wednesday for the months of May to October inclusive.

There will be three categories:

Garden Waste

Includes leaves, flowers, vegetables, and grass clippings. Absolutely no blighted vegetation.
All garden waste must be in clear plastic bags which are available from the Town Office.

Tree Branches

Includes branches (with or without leaves) under three inches in diameter and cut to lengths of less than six feet.

Extra Household

Includes appliances, furniture, large boxes and similar items.

All items must be at the front curb by 10:00 a.m. on the designated pick up day. If you have items which cannot be put at the front curb, you must call the Town Office before 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday to arrange pick up the following day.

Please note only designated items in the schedule will be picked up. Put out only garden waste on garden waste days, trees on tree days and extra household on extra household days. Hazardous waste materials such as paint, solvents, pesticides and grease will not be accepted.


A calendar showing pickup dates will be distributed with the quarter utility bills at the beginning of April.