Water Plant Upgrade

The long anticipated water plant upgrade has begun August 27. The planning of the date was set to coincide with the traditional drop off in water demand within the community.

Two portions of the project are currently being performed simultaneously.

Black and MacDonald have been contracted to do the mechanical and electrical side of the upgrade.

At present, they are in the process of removing half of the existing sand filters in the community’s treatment facility. The process creates more demand on the remaining filters which led to the time-frame being scheduled for after peak water usage.

Once the filters are removed, construction will move on to concrete work to reinforce the flooring to support the weight of the new pressurized vessels. This sequential process is expected to take a couple weeks.

While the decommissioning phase of the project is occurring, the contractors are also busy retrofitting two reservoirs in the ‘old’ distribution building. The goal is to add approximately 40 000 gallons of storage capacity to ensure sufficient water is available in emergency situations.

Many of the electrical components have already been received in Craik with several pumps and 4 large pressure vessels to arrive on, or about, September 4.

Weekly photo galleries and summaries to be posted here, and on the Town of Craik Facebook page.